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Iain Galloway is a member of the Systems Innovation team within the CTO organization of NXP Semiconductor (NXPI, NASDAQ). Iain is the Drone and Rover Program lead, working from the Austin Texas office. He has over 25 years of experience in systems design and in the semiconductor industry. As the drone industry matures it increasingly demands high reliability and functionally safe automotive components. Because NXP is both a broad supplier of industrial and consumer semiconductors and is the largest supplier to the Automotive industry, Iain proposed and founded the NXP Drone and Rover program as a “startup” within the company to address these needs. He works at coordinating across all NXP Business units to provide reference solutions for small autonomous vehicles using appropriate Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Secure Element and Authentication, Digital networking, sensors interface and RF power components to support the current and future needs of the growing drone industry.Iain is a strong supporter of open source, and the Linux foundation DroneCode.org, of which NXP is a member. He is leading the NXP Drone team in preparing the HoverGames Drone, a complete low cost PX4 starter-drone reference kit, and a series of drone hardware and software coding competitions. An additional adapter board allows the NXP Drone and Rapid IOT device to interconnect and provide “mobile IOT”. The team is also preparing reference designs incorporating high reliability industrial and Automotive grade MCU, MPU, security and Radio components to support upcoming regulatory requirements for drone security and authentication

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